Episode 1 of Fantasy Fight League's Wrestling Series to Air on July 6th

Episode 1 of Fantasy Fight League's Wrestling Series to Air on July 6th

Fantasy Fight League's new wrestling series will debut July 6th live - and for free - on Intermat's Rokfin channel.

How does this work? It's not that complicated, but let's explain: 

Each show is one match and 30 minutes long. There will be five, two-minute periods. Each period, you will have the opportunity to predict the score for each wrestler. In between periods you'll hear from the wrestlers competing and get to know them better while you're making your picks. Use this information to make more informed predictions.

The first period of the first match is already up if you want to check it out. 

If you predict the score correctly, you will earn points for the leaderboard. The top ten place-winners on the leaderboard at the end of June and July will win prizes. For finishing first, you'll win a pair of Kyle Dake's signature shoe from Spartan Combat. 

There will be two matches in June, towards that month's leaderboard, and two more in July for a separate set of prizes.

On June 15th, the match will be Steven Liebler vs. Micah Valdez. On June 22th, Caanan Towns will take on Manny Ramos. The bronze medal match will go down on June 29th and the Championship match is schedule for July 6th. 

So you have two shots at prizes: 1) the semifinals and 2) the bronze and gold matches. There are just as many fantasy points available in the bronze medal match as there are in the gold medal match. 

We're excited and hope you all enjoy the show. 

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