Fantasy Results from Stalemates' Street League 4

Fantasy Results from Stalemates' Street League 4

Stalemates' Street League 4 saw a variety of thrilling victories, each earning wrestlers different fantasy point totals. Ryan Whittle showcased his technical prowess with a commanding win by tech, raking in an impressive 30 points.

Tyrel Sloan and Damyen Gothard secured wins by pin, both adding 27 points to their fantasy tally. Gage Curry's dominant performance resulted in a win by major, earning him 23 points. Wrestlers prevailing by decision, including Jordin James, Jake Giordano, Colton McCrystal, Gas Tank Gary, Tyler Meisinger, and Reineri Ortega, all achieved a solid 20 points each.

On the other hand, the wrestlers who experienced losses by decision, such as Zane Johnson, Andrew Leib, Cayden Henschel, Sam Schuyler, Jason Schultz, and Josh Heil, earned 13 points apiece.

The Neon Tiger's loss by major granted them 10 points, while Zach Goldrosen and wrestlers Kyle Marsh and Miles Daniels, who faced losses by tech and pin respectively, each secured 3 and 6 points. 

Fantasy Performance Breakdown:

Wins by Tech:
Ryan Whittle (30 points)

Wins by Pin:
Tyrel Sloan (27 points)
Damyen Gothard (27 points)

Wins by Major:
Gage Curry (23 points)

Wins by Decision:
Jordin James (20 points)
Jake Giordano (20 points)
Colton McCrystal (20 points)
Gas Tank Gary (20 points)
Tyler Meisinger (20 points)
Reineri Ortega (20 points)

Losses by Decision:
Zane Johnson (13 points)
Andrew Leib (13 points)
Cayden Henschel (13 points)
Sam Schuyler (13 points)
Jason Schultz (13 points)
Josh Heil (13 points)

Losses by Major:
The Neon Tiger (10 points)

Losses by Tech:
Zach Goldrosen (3 points)

Losses by Pin:
Kyle Marsh (6 points)
Miles Daniels (6 points)

Leaderboard Points Calculation: 

  • Win by Tech: 30 leaderboard points
  • Win by Pin: 27 leaderboard points
  • Win by Major: 23 leaderboard points
  • Win by Decision: 20 leaderboard points
  • Loss by Decision: 13 leaderboard points
  • Loss by Major: 10 leaderboard points
  • Loss by Pin: 6 leaderboard points
  • Loss by Tech: 3 leaderboard points

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